7 coolest Air Force jobs


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Who knew? This site below says being a band member is cooler than nearly all of the special warfare jobs. (Only one afsw made the list)
I'm sure you guys would much rather be band members, right? :cool:



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ROFL @ being a member of a band, #7. BTW, I am among a Band of Brothers ( somewhat as result of former military service) which you are too. :)

Now for some BS for the fun of it:

However, Pararescue has consistently been in the news since 1947 as the super heroes that go forth into dynamic and often dangerous operational environments to save lives. That be before US Army SF (1952), CCT (1952), USN SEALs (1962) and etc. Furthermore the apprentice course gaining identity of Superman U back in the 1980s is probably why # 2. Being a computer gamer and posing as a PJ online is easier and less risky. There is a quite a few computer gamers role playing as PJs in games such as Stargate and other military focused games.

#1 is who doesn't love and want to own a dog that will love them in return and catch the Frisbee and do other cool things for them other than perhaps cat lovers who like to sit in a litter box stinky house.

BTW, I'm very cool, just ask all the cocktail waitresses in Vegas I order full strength Corona virus beer with a wedge of lime disease while I'm sitting at the poker table.
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