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Hey all,

I have a question regarding my medical eligibility. I checked the MDS and it doesn't appear that my concern is directly addressed. My goal is to join the ANG as a CCT. The only reason I haven't reached out to a recruiter is because I don't want to waste their time.

I have a 3 self-harm scars on my left wrist. I did that when I was 13. My mother was given what looked like a life threatening cancer diagnoses. As well, my parents were in the middle of a divorce. I acted as a stupid child would, attempting to seek attention during that time. I've never been diagnosed with depression. I don't take any medication. I haven't attended therapy. I completely understand why the rules and regulations are what they are. I wouldn't want to be in a combat zone with someone that doesn't value their life. I'm not that. I recognize the military rarely distinguishes that and will DQ someone just to prevent turds slipping through the cracks.

I'm currently 23, in school to finish my EMT certifications, and have acquired my firefighting certifications. Would joining AFSOF be possible given my situation? Thanks for you time.


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Go back to the MSD and check out Q36. Reference the AMWG (that's the waiver guide).

I'm not you and don't know your story. But I believe there could be a different determination between the terms 'attempted suicide or suicidal behavior' and 'self harm'. Especially concerning the context and intent.

I can't tell you yes/no on whether you'd be good to go. Only a flight doctor can determine that. But hopefully we can arm you with the knowledge that the docs use.
And I encourage you to go see the recruiter. At the very least, they should help submit a waiver if warranted. And the worst that happens is they say: 'thanks but no thanks'. But you'll never know until you pay them a visit. Good luck Shmoe.

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