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As I've been reading up on AFI 36-2626 I still have a few questions that I can't seem to find the answers to. I'm at my 28th month into a 6 year enlistment and to my understanding that I am able to cross train into SR/CCT/PJ at the 36 month mark. I'm trying to figure out if I'm medically exempt of retraining though, as I originally enlisted with a CCT contract and was med washed out of the 350th prior to starting CCSC. I have a 422A that released me from the 350th to reclass recommendation was to non BA job due to injury. I'm healed now and have no current medical issues, however reading these threads there is a mention of a form 125A, which I haven't been able to find. If allowed to move forward with retrain process, what are the entry PAST standards for A/S in Hurlburt for SR/CCt. I can't find a guideline, I was told it was the AFSOC which was 3 mile run 1500m swim, push ups, pull ups, sit ups and a ruck March. Anyone have any information regarding any of the questions/concerns I have. Also does submitting to retrain early effect my chances if I get denied for any reason to apply to retrain during the traditional retrain period? Any help is greatly appreciated regarding my questions/concerns.
I'm figuring the process out as well. I'm a little behind you I'm at the 18th month of a 6 year enlistment training for my opportunity to go back. I've spoken with a PJ Chief Msgt, my base retraining counselor (also a Chief), read the AFI, and poured through what I can find through the MyPers Air Force resources and Virtual MPF. A couple of my buddies have gone to retraining information briefings at their bases recently. Here's what I've gotten from all of that so far, I don't have any absolute answers and I don't want to misinform anyone so take this with a grain of salt. Anyone who can correct me or add some guidance, please do!

The normal FTA retrain window for 6 year enlistees is 59 months. To retrain before that you must get a waiver approved to retrain out of the normal reclass window. The earliest you can apply for that waiver is the halfway point of your enlistment (36 months for 6 years like you said.) If that waiver gets approved, then you can continue with the retrain application process. I think as long as you pass a flight physical and have a qualifying PULHES profile for the job you want, it shouldn't matter if you were injured before. I don't know that for sure though. I believe the 125A form only applies to candidates who quit. It's basically a form that says you quit and has a recommendation from the selection course cadre saying whether you should be allowed to come back or not. Since you were a medical washout you probably don't need that. I think the 350th is supposed to keep them on file though so you can get in contact with them and see.

Once you get a waiver approved and submit a completed application for retraining, it will go to a board that reviews applications every month and approves or denies them. As I understand it, if your application is denied three consecutive times (3 months in a row), you are disqualified. At that point you lose your opportunity to retrain all together, including your normal retrain window. However, according to the retraining advisor who briefed my friend, you can withdraw your own application if it gets denied twice in a row, wait a month, and then submit it again. that way you avoid the potential for 3 consecutive denials resulting in permanent disqualification.

Hope that helps, thanks to anyone in advance who can help us navigate this.


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The AETC form 125A is titled "Record of Administrative Training Action". It is actually applicable to all AETC formal courses required for award of 3-level AFSC or other formal AETC course and most specifically for any course that allows SIE actions. It documents washback and elimination from training actions for medical, administrative (inability to obtain security clearances, initial class III/SOF medical certification and ect.), and punitive (article 15, courts-martial, DUI, DWI) causes. It is not limited to only those who SIE.

This form is retained by the student registry of the course the student was eliminated from. The PJ Indoc course used to sustain this form as a matter of record permanently.