Hello everybody

My name is Eddie, currently, 29 living in sunny San Diego, Ca. A little about me, former bud/s dud converted to rescue swimmer, served 6 years navy. Been trying to get hired with a fire department in SoCal, going to an executive protection school here in May to help me escape the bar industry and to reach better employment in the meantime. The struggle on the outside as a civilian has been quite real for me. Lately, I just feel like I'm not really living up to my potential. Currently, I'm studying to retake my ASVAB cause I missed it by one point when I took it before my first enlistment. I've been out five years now and well I didn't think I'd be here again but man I just want more out of life and being a PJ sounds like something I'm capable of. Looking forward to browsing the forums. Thanks for having me.
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