How was BMT for you ?

Since being prepared for spec op indoc demands you be in the best physical shape of your life, did you fly past boot camp like it was nothing ? Or at some point did you feel like holy shit this isn’t even Indoc and I’m falling behind? I’m asking this because I heard on a reddit post that 2 CCT candidates in BMT had quit or did something purposely to get discharged. Would be interesting to know what your time in basic was like.
I have read more about instances where SW candidates would fall behind physically in BMT because it was not challenging enough. When I was there in 2015 I did not feel physically challenged at all. However, I believe they place said SW candidates all in the same flights so that there may be more opportunities for additional training. I also believe that the SW prep course was created to offset the lack or impediment of progress seen in BMT, and to prevent injuries.


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I have no idea on the reddit, but:

(1) Self-initiated Elimination or drop on request from training is not an option during Basic Military Training.

(2) An entry level discharge is a possibility during BMT and the first 180 days of active duty. There are risks-If the airman is in entry level status, and discharge under other than honorable conditions is not warranted, the separation will be described as an entry level separation. The Entry Level Discharge is generally associated with "Airman may be discharged based upon one of the physical or mental conditions listed below when the commander determines the condition interferes with assignment or duty performance."

The text I emphasized in red is emphasizing the deliberate doing something purposely (deliberated action) to get discharge typically requires doing something having strong potential for a punitive discharge which differs considerably from Entry Level Discharge.

My concern is mention of such happening without knowing all the facts, circumstances and situation causing the quit or doing something purposely to get discharged sets about giving misconception that doing such during BMT has no consequences risks.
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