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Hello all,
I am currently a Grad Student at Clarkson University ( Potsdam, NY ) studying Data Analytics. I would like to enlist in the Air Force after I graduate and want to become a PJ. I was wondering if anyone had any information about when a good time to talk to an Air Force recruiter during my school. I have 2 years in Grad School and then I plan on enlisting. I was wondering if I should contact a recruiter now to start the process or if I should wait until my last year at school to begin. I assume talking to a recruiter as soon as possible would be the best idea but I currently live in CT but live the majority of my months at school in upstate NY. Would I have to contact a special warfare recruiter in New York or in CT?
My advice is talk to a recruiter sooner rather than later. Just explain your circumstances and don’t let them sway you into joining sooner if you are finishing grad school. They could DEP you in when you are within a year of wanting to go, and try to time you up with when you graduate. The key is communication, and voicing your intent to get them to work with you.
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