First off, thanks to all the members at every level for the time and commitment they put into making this website the great source of info that it is.
I'm a typical "average Joe". I work as a civil servant and have a family. My primary reason for being here is to gain more info on Special Warfare and prep for A&S. I've trained up and can pass the PAST, but I need to get A&S ready. I keep going back and forth on working with Team ST's Program or Brian Silva's program on
The resources here are incredibly valuable. Thanks again.


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Stoked to hear that you recognize a difference between PAST-ready and A&S-ready.

Team ST is month to month program while Silva's is a lump sum up front. My recommendation is to try out Team ST and see if it's a fit for you. If you don't think it fits you goals, it's easy to shut it off without a big loss. The same can't be said the other way around.
Besides, we think Team ST prioritizes injury prevention, which has been a big issue for A&S candidates recently. The Prep Course commandant stated that over 50% of candidates are showing up with existing injuries, most likely caused by over-training.

Hope that helps. Good luck!
Thank you sir. I'm my third day into Team ST and have been enjoying it. It does seem very focused on building base athleticism and durability.
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