So a little backstory first. I am 25, I am a nanny for my sister, a dual military family (Army), I am putting myself through school for a B.S. in cybersecurity, I have until around the end of 2021 / the beginning of 2022 for me to graduate, and I am "obligated" to stick with the nanny gig until mid / end of 2021. Mainly I am seeking opinions and thoughts.

I want to be a PJ. I have wanted to be a PJ for many many years. I do not mind enlisting though the aspect of enlisting has been looked down on by practically everyone I know. I honestly usually do not care what others think but when it comes to being able to have a livelihood or retirement I start to weigh the opinions of others. I am just on line line of whether I should finish my degree then go try for PJ, postpone my degree try for PJ and then go like green to gold, do ROTC and try for CRO / STO, or whatever varying combination. I want to be a PJ there is no doubt about that, I just thought I would hear some opinions from everyone else.


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PJ livelihood shouldn't be an issue when you look at all of the compensation benefits.

Look at the differences between CROs and PJs, make a decision, and go for it. PJs get more operating time vs CROs do more managerial operations. CROs will definitely get paid more (a CRO Captain with only 6 yrs in will make more than any PJ).

PJ livelihood shouldn't be an issue when you look at all of the compensation benefits.
Thanks for the link. I have been looking for specific job IEBs but honestly didn’t put much time into it.

I’m going for PJ. I know it sounded like paralysis by analysis, I just wanted to hear opinions and thoughts. I know how officer pay vs enlisted pay will wind up with the officer always on top. That doesn’t bother me.
Thanks for giving the advice of make a decision and go for it, I’m so used to hearing weigh all the options and look years down the road. I just want to be a PJ, so I am going to be a PJ.
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