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I am interested in Air Force Special Forces, looking at CCT/PJ/TACP, however I have a disqualifying medical history for the combat dive course which would affect me for the CCT/PJ pipeline. I am reaching out to see if anyone knows of any possible way for a waiver for a history of bilateral spontaneous pneumothorax. According to NAVMED Chapter 15-102 section (f), a spontaneous pneumothorax is disqualifying and waivers are not considered. My pneumothoraces is over 2 years old, was corrected surgically via mechanical pleurodesis, I have normal x-ray, CT scans, good spirometry tests and my pulmonologist states that I have made a great recovery from it. I am physically fit and active. For the Army and Air Force medical regulations they will consider a waiver so I am just held up on the Navy requirements.

I did search the threads but found little to no information for pneumothorax waivers.

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Good job doing your research, and unfortunately i think you've already found the answer. While not a doctor, especially not a seasoned flight doctor, I would guess a waiver is unlikely.
But there is good news. TACP does not attend dive school. If you sign up into the SWOE program (open SW enlistment), you would likely get vectored to the TACP career field due to your disqualifying dive condition. I recommend chatting w/ a Special Ops recruiter on this as well. They are far from medical experts, but can give you a play-by-play of what to expect.


Thank you for the prompt response and your advice. I figured that would be the case but wanted to hear other opinions/gather information. I will reach out to one of the Special Ops recruiters and see what other insight they can offer but TACP sounds like the way to go!

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