Medically Disqualified for HALO/ MFF-PD

I recently completed my IFC3 and was qualified for Static Line PD and Marine Diving Duty. I was disqualified for Free Fall though per AR 40-501. Nothing was cited but I was able to find out it was due to distant vision in my right eye exceeding the standard. I'm working on a waiver for this but was wondering if anyone in the know could explain why an Army Reg would DQ me being that I am in the Air Force.

I should clarify that I am qualified by Air Force standards.


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Reference AFI 48-123:

6.24.1. Attendance at Sister Service Schools. All personnel who require upgrade training or specialty training at sister services schools must meet any additional Sister Service medical requirements (which may be more restrictive). AETC/SGPS will initially certify these types of examinations to meet Air Force AFSC requirements, with the exception of static line (Airborne) not requiring a waiver which may be certified by the local aerospace medicine specialist as designated by the MAJCOM. Certification by AF does not guarantee Sister Service acceptance. Applicants must provide a copy of the AF exam to the medical staff of the sister service school with their application. (T-2) Refer to US Army Regulation (AR) AR 40-501, Standards of Medical Fitness for most current requirements for attendance at Army schools. Note: See AF Physical Examination Techniques which contains AF and Sister Service requirements.