so my packet was out on hold from flight class 3 do to PULHES. I scored 1s in all aspects except for eyes I scored a 2. I have 20/20 vision. I’m Not sure what that 2 means but are there any ways to waive this or seek further help regarding it?


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The vision-eye profile factor is inclusive of "Visual acuity, and organic disease of the eyes and lids." The only standard on the chart is visual acuity.

1 = Uncorrected visual acuity 20/200 correct-able to 20/20, in each eye.
2 = Distant visual acuity correctable to not worse than 20/40 and 20/70, or 20/30 and 20/100, or 20/20 and 20/400.

The other potential medical disqualifications causing other than a 1 for visual acuity and diseases of the eyes and lids are not specifically addressed. Thus we be as confused as you are as to what caused the 2 due to lack of information.
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