SOST Selection/Pipeline

I apologize in advance if this is in the wrong forum.

I have been researching SOST and reviewing the application paperwork on the 24th SOW website. I have a few questions about SOST:
1. Is Phase II for SOST similar to Phase II for CRO/PJ Crosstrainees? I see in the application that a minimum of a 90% on the AFPT is required, along with a 15m underwater and 250m swim. I realize that Phase II is a '360 view' of an individual and physical training is only one aspect. Is training to meet Indoc grad standards overkill? I understand that SOST does not function in the same manner as other members of the STS, with the primary focus being providing an austere surgical capability.
2. Does SOST accept folks off the street, or do individuals need to be currently enlisted/commissioned in their respective field to submit an application?
3. What is the pipeline for SOST? The application only mentions a "pipeline", but nothing specific.

I appreciate any insight.

- Archie


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Special Operations Surgical Teams

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As far as question of 1. Is Phase II for SOST similar to Phase II for CRO/PJ Crosstrainees, there is probable some similarities (my educated guess) based on "They are fully trained and equipped to operate within austere environments utilizing "man-pack mobile" capabilities." Man pack means somebody is carrying on their backs all this equipment and medical supplies.