Starting from Step 1!

Hey, all!
I’m a 23 year old EMT from Chicago.
I’ll be honest from the start and say my cardio (in terms of running) is easier to think of as non existent. I’m a horrible runner currently, but mostly because I’ve never actually tried to be a runner. I’m starting my couch to 5k program today, so fingers crossed!
As it stands I can currently run 1.5mi in about ~14mins.
Funny enough, I’m also a professional wrestler; so my endurance and cardio when it comes to actively doing something is pretty good! I spent a lot of years having a shitty diet (sorry for the language but shit is the best way to describe it) and spinning my wheels doing bro workouts. Physical stats stand at:
I’m ready and willing to start from square 1 to reach my goal of becoming a PJ. I hope to share my journey with you all!


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210...That's a lot of weight to be throwing around running. Recommend dropping some lbs as you work to lower your times.

There are lots of workout program ideas out there, some better than others. Our favorite is Team ST; run by a current Special Warfare operator and strength & conditioning coach. That program will get you ready the fastest & safest. If it's not for you, there's free workout ideas floating around the site as well.

Good luck, get after it.

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