SW Prep Packing List for new enlistee’s


Asking for a friend….Does anyone have any recent or inside knowledge on “packing list” suggestions for SW Prep for new enlistee’s as they transition from BMT? When they ship out to BMT they are instructed to bring a minimal 2 to 3 days of personal clothes and no medications (all fitting in a small backpack) but when they move across the street to SW Prep are there any space or regulatory restrictions on what to/or not to bring in addition to what they brought to BMT? Any suggestions on baggage size limits to ship increased items in, i.e. large duffle bag or something smaller, just how much more stuff can be sent to them? What about personal workout gear/equipment such as better rucking boots, extra running shoes, foam muscle rollers, etc and are they allowed to keep a basic medication stash of things like moleskin, blister treatment, muscle ache treatment creams & OTC pain pills (Allieve) at SW Prep?