Trad Guard SR

Current AGR Spec Ops Aircrew here. Exploring SR as the next step in my career. Are Portland and Louisville the no shit ONLY spots, or are there onesies and twosies out there for SR? I’d be very interested in something like Macdill for a SOCOM level job.

Also, any talks of new guard STS’s standing up any time soon? I’m not against Portland or Louisville by any means. Just exploring options and making sure vet and validate any potential landing spots.

For reference, I’m good with AGR or Traditional. No preference. (Current SSgt, slated to sew on Tech next November per my current position and guard regs)



Staff member
You are correct- Portland and Louisville are it. There may be one-off jobs available such as what you mentioned, but unlikely at this stage of the game when SR is a finite resource. As the career field looks to build and possibly expand, those one-off jobs will be most likely SNCO positions.

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