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Final respects paid to pararescueman Staff Sergeant Carl Enis

ARLINGTON NATIONAL CEMETERY, VA, UNITED STATES 05.22.2018 Story by Maj. Jennifer Pearson  920th Rescue Wing/Public Affairs   Loved ones, friends, 308th Rescue Squadron teammates and 920th Rescue Wing members paid...

108. Quicke- Moffet Recert LLs

Moffet puts on an annual PJ paramedic recertification course in Tahoe.  Here are some lessons learned (LLs) and foot stomps for Pararescue Medicine. Emphasis on...

The Key to the Egg Beater

From the PJ Pool Wizard Series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wL2rhIkno78 A quick look at the secret to a good eggbeater technique: the hips. A side-by-side comparison of techniques shows...