AD Flyer to ANG

Hey guys,

I’m currently a flyer for the AF, but my goal is to get out right at the end of my commitment and transition to ANG. Specifically, I’d like to apply for either TACP-O or CRO for guard units in and around NJ. This would give my family a break from moving around so much and we’d be right at home, so ANG around NJ is non-negotiable for me.

Thanks for having me!


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Best Bet is to contact the state Guard recruiting folks. I don't have a clue about TACP-O opportunities in the Guard, but CRO opportunities are few in the Guard. Your options are the 123rd STS in Kentucky and 103rd RQS Long Island NY.
Yes I’ve emailed a recruiter from the 103 this past week. I don’t have much of a clue either haha, I’m just starting this process of looking into units. I have about 5 years left in my commitment but I know the AD - ANG transition can be pretty lengthy. I realize it’s a long shot but I’ve seen people make crazier things happen so who knows. Thanks for the reply!
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