AFR/ANG RQS or STS tryouts

Are there any AFR/RQS units having tryouts in the near future? It looks like most units are experiencing a financial pinch and can’t recruit at the moment.


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Also in the mix is there may be no vacancies available to fill in the reserve components because sufficient numbers of those holding the AFSC (already trained and qualified) are transitioning to the reserve components (AF Reserves, Air Guard) from the active duty force. No need to seek out new untrained personnel from the civilian population if there is availability of trained and qualified to be picked up by the unit.

Also if reserve unit is experiencing high retention of personnel this means no vacancies are happening to generate a need for a replacement.
Thanks. Agreed, it seems to be very hard to get a slot in the current climate. Do you know of any units that have tryouts in the calendar for civilian applicants?
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Concur with Yukon's assessment. I don't know of any. From what I have heard, most units are maxxed out.
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