ANG TACP/O (water questions)

It’s been a LONG road for me but I’ve finally made my way to being accepted into the community by way of TACPO via the ANG. I just wanted to say thanks to this page as I’ve always referenced it and it’s been amazing. Thank you!

As of now, I am attending TOPT 14-21 May and OTS will follow. My question is, at what point is watercon introduced? I imagine right away but to what extent? I was told the candidates at the schoolhouse are doing the same exact watercon the PJs are doing but that seems odd to me seeing as how that’s never been a thing for TACP.

Would anyone know the gist of what that entails? If it’s anything how it’s always been for ST, then I have a solid idea of what I would be facing but I just don’t know for sure. 6x25m underwaters? Drown proof test? Etc. I do know that they are finning lead arm/trail arm 1500m but that’s all I know as of now.

Thanks again for all of the mentorship since 2014. It’s been a grind. Degrees, starting a family, moving many times, the rona, etc.

God bless


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Well, just guessing the water assessment will not be as central to the process as it would be for CRO and STO. This is based on parachutist qualification, and Dive qualification aren't inherent to the AFSC qualification requirements.

If you're worried about water training and assessment requirements, train to the standards you've already experienced.
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