Aspiring PJ: Concerned for SWOE-V

I'm currently attaining a BA and I've been thinking about becoming a PJ for some time now. I've recently decided to commit to training for the next 2.5 years or so until I graduate to become a PJ. I've recently found out about the new changes with SWOE-V and I'm concerned I'd be placed in CCT or SR which are things I have little to no interest in. I've always had an interest in medicine, have a background in the medical field (I'm still premed in college), and so for me to be placed in something else would be heartbreaking. Do you have any say in this matter at all? I find it hard to believe that someone knows more than me about my background and my interest in medicine to tell me to go into something else, assuming I excel in all aspects of fitness. Sorry for this rant.


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The does my does my preference or aspiration have any influence question has been frequently asked. The answer from the site's administrator has consistently been yes.

To some degree the yes your preference or aspiration is taken into account has been true since 1988. However the needs of the Air Force to have combat readiness to accomplish all of its assigned missions and activities has always been the distribution of personnel to all occupation specialties spoiler as the requirement for has a not to exceed ceiling.

The recent change only formalizes a locked into process to favor distribution to occupation specialties in one career field (1Z Special Warfare) before other options are considered. It also removes the equitable qualitative distribution to these specialties during the screen and selection process as being a cross training (reclassification) administrative action.


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At A&S, the stance is generally:

-It pays to be a winner. Top selects out of A&S will get their 1st choice, period.
-Those that get 're-classed' are few. Based off of recent numbers, SR numbers are fine. Most 're-classes' are going to CCT currently.

If you do get reclassed into CCT, theoretically you can retrain into PJ down the line. You would only need to go through the PJ-centric portion of the pipeline since you would have completed all other AFSW-common courses.

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