BJJ and Combatives Training During Pipeline

I am getting ready to enlist in the Air Force and take on the TACP pipeline. Currently, I am a purple belt in BJJ and want to keep training. Will I be able to train a few days a week during the TACP pipeline? Almost a year without sparring would absolutely devastate me!


I know this may be a day late and a dollar short for you, but the answer is "not likely". As a former BJJ practitioner and competitor myself, I had to put training on hold for years due to my TACP commitment. It is possible, but you will have little to no time during the training week, and you will likely be so physically beat down that its not a good idea. You would be unnecessarily putting yourself at an increased risk of injury, and thus, washing out, just so you can do BJJ. Wait until you finish, then train all you want.
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