CCT hopeful looking for advice on what a successful medical waiver packet looks like?

Older, serious candidate who, unfortunately, had a bizarre, neuro medical incident this year.

I'm hoping for advice on how to put together the most convincing packet possible for the MEPS doctor to evaluate. I've been seen by 4 experts in my condition, and all 4 have determined this was a fluke accident and has a 99.99% chance of never happening again. Additionally, I've seen an old 2012 Air Force Waiver Guide that did mention this condition may have been waived once or twice in the past.

I'm planning on getting a strongly-affirmative statement from my primary doc stating explicitly that I will never have side-effects or a repeat of this incident, but I'm wondering what else could or should be in my waiver packet?

Any advice is appreciated. This process is extremely frustrating given that my ability to join is determined by someone (MEPS doctor) who is unqualified to evaluate the incident.


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TBI is covered under page 886 of the above link. What else are you looking for?
Thanks for pointing that out. I saw an earlier mention of a separate TBI waiver guide, and was interested in seeing that.

Couldn't find my issue in this 2019 waiver guide, which is strange because it appears in an old 2012 waiver guide that I'd found online. I'm just hunting around for any supporting evidence I can fine to get myself cleared.
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