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New info added to the main site!

Find detailed info on TACP and CCT on the main page, or here's the direct links:


Compensation info (enlistment bonus, re-enlistment, monthly bonus pay) is added in the overview page:

We are attempting to provide you guys with as much knowledge that's available. If you have interest in some something that we don't have online, let us know. We'll do the research and get the info out there for you. Cheers.

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Man on man, the pay is incredible. And I thought that my reenlistment bonus in '68 or '69 was a lot. If I recall, it was around $4,000. And, believe it or not, as a Ssgt my total pay was around $1,000 a month back then.

I remember going to one of the first CCT reunions in '85. At the time I was sales manager of a car dealership and making pretty good money. Well, when some of us went to the NCO club together for a few, I offered to pay. I'll always remember Karr, Norrad, and the others laughing and letting me know that these chiefs made good money themselves.

I only got out because of a gal. Her dad was SF and she didn't want to marry a GI. She said she'd spent her time in, if only as a dependent. I look at the photo posted of the Iran rescue attempt and wonder if I might have been there. Hey, I wrote Koren's very first APR at Lockbourne when he and Mitch were there.

Anyway, great times with some great guys. But to all of you youngsters in now, don't let us old farts convince you we had it harder. Trust me, it's a lot harder now. You kids rule!
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