Combat Control Operator Course Study Guides?

Is there any study guides that we can prep on that teaches aircraft recognition and performance, air navigation aids, weather, airport traffic control, flight assistance service, communication procedures, conventional approach control, radar procedures and air traffic rules. Looking for the upper hand if selected.
Don't worry. All you do at that school is workout in the morning and study all night. If you have a decent memory you will be fine.
check this link out:

the JO 7110.65 is basically the ATC bible that you will go off of at ATC. Might be confusing looking at it but its really the only thing you can start familiarizing yourself with if your trying to get a leg up.

happy training.
Awesome, gotta land that C-130 at night too. I think I can help with that once I’m through training. Ever captured an actual airport? Or what kind of runways do you guys usually need?
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