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I am currently a Senior in high school and am looking to become a Combat Controller. I was hoping that I could get some advice on how to physically and mentally prepare to get through selection and then go through the rest of the pipeline.



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I was hoping others would weigh in and give you an answer. The physical fitness aspects are covered significantly throughout the forums and main page. Mental and emotional fitness is something that is difficult to train for. Most of such development happens during exposure to environments during childhood and adolescence.

The ability to adapt and willingness to tolerate is more subconscious than conscious effort. By the time situation and circumstances get to the point of conscious effort to confront and overcome a lot of subconscious actions to adapt, tolerate and overcome have already come into play.
I'll jump in.

Physical Prep: There are so many resources on the internet for the physical preparation including one exclusive to this website. Some are free, some are not. You're young and should have plenty of time to train physically and to get your PAST numbers up.

Mental Prep:First of all, Yukon is right. A person's development and ability to handle austere environments depends on the person, but I do think there are a couple ways to make you mentally tougher so I am going to take a stab at this. I hear that emotional and mental weakness is what gets most people to quit (I have not yet entered the pipeline yet). I would guess that making it through training is not as easy as DBAP. I would really try find your "why" i.e. your motivation for doing this because it will be the only thing you have to fall back on when you are physically broken. Also, depending on where you live there is most likely a group that will put on events near you to test you mentally. I know Specialtacticsdev, SOCOM Athlete, and How to be a PJ periodically have events where people from a certain area can attend and endure "INDOC-style" events.

Good luck to you.
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