Conventional TACP acting/looking like SOF?

This is just a general question I had seeing some TACPs on the internet it made me raise an eyebrow. I like the TACP career field but SR is where I’m focusing on but I’m just asking for curiosity sake.

Do conventional TACPs grow facial hair or wear civilian clothes down range? I saw a few photos of TACPs in country but they were wearing civilian clothes with their kit on and/or rocking beards and facial hair outside the regular mustache. I’ve also seen this from ANG unit social media pages. Do you thin these are likely SOF TACPs or could they be conventional guys with just a really relaxed chain of command? I figure at most if they are conventional, they’re probably on a temporary assignment with a SOF unit of some sort.


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In the big scheme of operations and activities it's not who, but why and is the mission and or activity risks worth the wear of civilian clothing to conduct military operations/missions. Relaxed grooming standards have always made an appearance during conflicts, but the wear of civilian clothes by military personnel is a bit more complicated as at some point wear of civilian clothes circumvent protections under the Geneva Conventions and other aspects of being a lawful or an unlawful combatant.

Plus getting further into specifics enters the realm of potentially outing identity of individuals and unit activities.
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