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I have searched the forums and have not found any answers to the questions I am about to ask, so I apologize in advance if they are out in forums somewhere.

Guidance states that if one is selected at Phase II, selectees can anticipate PCS orders to Kirtland AFB and that the timing would be coordinated with losing command via AFPC. For OTS applicants, would a selectee PCS to Kirtland prior to attending OTS or would they attend OTS as a TDY en-route to PCSing to Kirtland?

New AFRS LO Guidance for those who are selected for commissioning contains an “Active Duty Post-Selection Form” This forms contains a Base Choices List to build a “dream sheet” CRO base choices are limited to Moody, Davis-Monthan, and Nellis. Does this mean that initial duty assignments after graduation from the pipeline are limited to these locations?

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It's not concisely put to address your situation of leaving enlisted active duty status and trying to get picked up as an office in the reserve components (Air Guard/AF Reserve) as the process differs from entering active duty but there are no actual outside any of the 50 states AF Reserve or Air Guard units for CROs to be permanently assigned to.

Air Force Recruiting Service (AFRES) Line Officer guidance isn't necessarily Air Guard and Air Force Reserve acquisition of new officer guidance for entry classification into an officer AFSC. However CROs apparently leave Kirtland with a level 2 (intermediate) qualification and needs not only 6 months of experience but also additional training to obtain Level 3 (qualified) qualification, so the info you provided appears to indicate Moody, Davis-Monthan and Nellis are the training is provided here option after Kirtland as this training and gain of experience has to be obtained someplace and the units at these bases do appear to have the resources to provide this training. 19Z3C: Guardian Angel Advanced Skills Training
Unless you have additional status, ie, active duty USAF enlisted and eligible or separating from active duty, info to provide the OTS questions are most difficult to answer. However, as you indicate OTS to reserve component the how to apply as a civilian guidance in the CRO application package seems the most applicable.

- Those selected at Phase II will have to complete Officer Training School (OTS) prior to beginning STO/CRO training. Phase II selection does not guarantee acceptance into OTS. The OTS application process is separate from Phase I and Phase II. The SOR and/or SWAP Program Manager will provide the application, information and OTS requirements needed at the conclusion of Phase II.
If trying the enlisted active duty to commissioned route:

Applicant must notify their appropriate career field/functional manager of their intent to become a STO/CRO if selected from Phase II. The candidate must also receive an endorsement letter from their commander. If the applicant is invited to Phase II, but was not selected, the applicant will return to their previous assignment and career field.
There is also the problem of Selection at Phase II doesn’t guarantee acceptance into OTS- you must still meet the OTS requirements which includes what is the AF input into OTS need for new CROs.
Thank you for the swift reply, Yukon.

I am currently exploring both options, active duty and reserve/guard, while my wife and I decide which route affords the best opportunity for our family.

Since we are currently overseas with a DEROS and ETS of Sep 22, I am trying to figure out the sequencing of events if I was to go the active duty route, get selected from Phase II, and get selected for a commission. Specifically, if I would be waiting at Hickam until my OTS date then PCS to Kirtland, or if I would PCS to Kirtland to do in house training until my OTS date and then come back for the pipeline. The former wild require an extension on my behalf. I am just trying to get my ducks in a row. Perhaps emailing the CRO org box might result in the most accurate information, but I would rather not pester them with presumptuous questions.

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Well the Phase 1 and 2 application info package has the POC contact info for this exact purpose. Plus they have access to projected requirements for new personnel I don't have access to. I can only read between the lines of what info is available to me. When you do contact the POC be concise on identifying you are looking to enter OTS with intent of either getting an active duty classification into CRO or into one of the reserve component units with entry classification in CRO. As getting to Kirtland requires getting through OTS, sort of the same as no-prior service personnel enlisting to get into and through BMT to start the initial skill training which all depends on the input numbers need for new personnel.
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