Current TACP Pipeline

Good afternoon,

I'm wanting to know what the current TACP pipeline looks like, as far as I know, it's:

> SW Prep
> TACP Selection or Prep (or is this gone entirely?)
> TACP Schoolhouse (if I'm not wrong, there's 6 blocks)

After the schoolhouse, I'm not sure what happens. Do candidates then graduate and go off to FTU or are they sent to Airborne & SERE?

Regarding the FTU, is the first phase at Texas and the second at Nevada? I was confused because I saw in a couple of places that it was all in Texas (may have been false but again I'm not sure).

Speaking of TACP in general, is it hard to learn skills such as radio operations? Is it good to be acquainted with both radios and land navigation prior to even joining SW? Or is it not necessary to know beforehand?
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