E-7 Looking To Join The Elite

I’m a 13yr E-7 AD USAF and like the title says looking to retrain over into specwar. I’ve talked to a recruiter and just beginning to explore possibilities. SERE is my goal but I hear SR being a newer career field may be a better bet being allowed to apply. I had an interest in SERE when I was E-5 but offered an interesting job which I took and have been on a controlled tour with that ever since. Interested to see if this tree will bear any fruit!


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I'll be blunt- the chances of you retraining are very slim. There's not a lot of appetite for taking E-7s into these career fields. I recommend talking to a local career assistance advisor and downloading the latest AFECD from Mypers. The AFECD will tell you the latest TIS and/or rank restrictions.

Alternatively, you could swap to the Officer side and start over as a Lieutenant.
Or check out the Guard or Reserve route.
Yep I’ve done that as well as spoken to a SOW recruiter in SA and he pretty much told me the same but suggested I get in contact with the CFM and basically have them tell me no. He also suggested the ANG route might be possible. The officer route might not be a bad idea though, I’ve got about 5 classes left and I’ll be done with my degree. Thanks for the reply.
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