Enlisted advanced rank as a PJ?

Hello, my son would like to join the Airforce after high school and tryout for the PJ's. As he missed out on JROTC or Eagle Scout in high school and currently does not have any college credit, I am trying to find out if other options are available for him to try and enlist with a higher rank. He is thinking about completing an EMT class. Would that help or even be worth doing?

Thank you


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The only opportunity option that may be available is: Is non-prior service and enlists under the Critical Skills Promotion program as part of the fiscal year recruiting and retention initiatives for the fiscal year in which the applicant enlists. AIC . Must be a High School graduate.

Used to give higher rank for enlisting for 6 years, but it's no longer appears in the policy guidance. I suggest talking to an AF recruiter and a SW recruiter.

Also the enlistment option is no longer GTEP for a specific AFSC since the Enlisted Special Warfare Career Field was established back in 2019. Prospects enter with a Special Warfare enlistment contract for classification happening during the Special Warfare assessment and selection course. If want PJ most likely will get PJ, but CCT, SR, and TACP may also be likely. All of these AFSCs have individual medical readiness requirements significant enough to drive the need for certified initial and reoccurring examinations applied to key elements of health and fitness. As far as I know G2ing placement into PJ by taking EMT and other schooling/courses, other than swimming and other fitness training, prior to enlisting doesn't influence anything.
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