Failing A&S on a SWOE-V Contract

Hey guys! This is a question that may have already been posted on here but I just can't seem to find an answer to it:
If you join the Air Force on a SWOE-V contract, and you either quit A&S or don't get selected, what happens to you afterwards? I believe you are given the option of going into a combat support career (EOD, SERE, Security Forces, etc.). But if that is not the case, are you then placed at the "needs of the Air Force", are you able to choose a career to go in to, or will you have a pre-selected job that you would go to in that instance?

I think every career field in AFSPECWAR is interesting so I would have no problem going into any of them. What worries me is NOT getting selected at the end and then getting stuck with a job that I wouldn't have picked for myself, for the remainder of my contract.

Any advice/opinion is appreciated! Thank you!


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Not getting selected and self-elimination (quiting) are not similar removed from training causes. The premise is the ASVAB, TAPAS and PAST scores resulting in obtaining the SOWE-V contract predicts you will get selected for one of the four AFSCs (occupation specialties) in the AF enlisted Special Warfare career field. Also you left out service support AFSCs as a potential reclassification option as it simply always comes down to the needs of the Air Force.

Other than these crumbs of information I do not know what current disposition actions are.
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