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I'm looking for a set of fins and a mask to use while I train for the STO PAST/pipeline. Any recommendations? I've looked through the forum and I see that ScubaPro Jet Fins and US Diver Rocket Fins pop up a lot... I'm leaning towards the Jet Fins with installed spring strap (Amazon: $141). Also, I believe these fins require dive boots so if anybody knows of any dive boots that work well with the Jet Fins that'd be great. My shoe size is 11.0-11.5. As for a mask, I have no idea where to start! I probably won't be able to try any masks on before I buy because I'm going to have to order one, so if anybody has a solid all around mask that they could recommend I would very much appreciate it. Thanks!
Garret, I have been told by both a PJ and a CCT candidate to not worry about getting Jet Fins for training.

I use the Corda Snorkeling Fins by Head and they are nice. I got mine a little big so I think I may go down a size. XL is definitely the size you'll want at 11 - 11.5. For the mask, I found a nice oval dive mask on Ebay that works like a charm. Not sure if its "high volume" or "low volume" when it comes to mask recovery and the amount of breath you need to clear it out, but it works great for practice. Might as well include the snorkel I found and use. I love it. All the links are below.

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If you're looking for a watch to have in the pool just grab a used G-Shock on Ebay, mine was 25 bucks with shipping and is a champ. Best of luck with training!
VCURam if you don't mind did those other PJs say why it doesn't matter about the fins? I am curious as I am looking to pick up some fins to start training but have read it's smarter to go with the jet or rocket fins rather than slip ons like you posted. I picked those up yesterday but may return them as I keep getting conflicting info. I would like to train with the gear that will give me the best success at completing the training versus using something that helps with learning to fin but doesn't give you the real effects of the actual fins you'll be using.

At the same time I don't want to just be spending money and buying stuff that is pointless to have if there is no intended purpose for that gear.


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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: ChaoticTheorist</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> I would like to train with the gear that will give me the best success at completing the training versus using something that helps with learning to fin but doesn't give you the real effects of the actual fins you'll be using. </div></div>The fin used to train doesn't give any best chance at completing training other than the fin being of quality materiel and manufacturing process.

Although ability of fin to propel swimmer through water can differ because of size of fins surface area and whether it's designed for surface or subsurface swimming the legs and feet still need to be conditioned for swimming with fins.

Long distance surface sprints with fins were of more importance for pararescue prior to development and use of RAMZ and other deployed by parachute or from helicopter motorized watercraft as swimming was only way to catch a moving target (space capsule, drone, survivor in one man or larger raft) prior to the mid 1990s.

Further other than during my assignment in Iceland I have never been assigned to a helicopter unit where SCUBA tanks, dive equipment and ML-4 kits specifically configured for pararescue use only were placed on the alert helicopter. At other units I accomplished water rescues either going into water with flight suits or BDU/ABU and no fins.
@Yukon then would you recommend the fins that were posted above as something decent to train in versus going out and picking up a pair of Jet or Rocket fins? I understand training with actual gear used won't necessarily help with being able to complete indoc or any part of the selection. What I have read and understand is that the Jet and Rocket fins fit different on your feet versus slip on fins like the above posted which don't target the same areas while training.

Also do you recommend using training fins (the shorter ones) for swimming practice as well?


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There have been plenty of aspiring to be PJ/CCT that have posted opinions about benefits of using this fin or that fin.

Fins such as the jet and rocket gained popularity over the old UDT fins in that they had adjustable straps. Adjustable straps made it easier to size fins to the foot whereas the slip on not adjustable fins such as the UDT fin caused much discomfort when sized too small which happened quite often when switching from eight inch to three quarter inch wet suits and more importantly the thicker wet suit booties. It was even a greater discomfort problem when using with the bulky and thick dry suits manufactured during the 1970s and 1980s.

I stay out of fin recommendations as most people do not know what they are talking about and have erroneous imaginations as fins being critical significant causes for failing to get through training or for successfully getting through training.

Myself and many others never used fins until arrival into pararescue training and nobody had any problems with adapting to and being comfortable in swimming with fins.
ChaoticTheorist, Yukon beat me to the punch and answered much more eloquently then I would have! To answer your question though, I was given the same response as Yukon's first reply to you.
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