How Do You Increase Your Chance of Obtaining a Contract for SERE?


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Reference Facebook:USAF SERE, posted October 22, 2014.

How Do You Increase Your Chance of Obtaining a Contract for SERE?

First off, if the SERE Specialist career field (AFSC 1T0X1) is what you really want when discussing your future with an Air Force (AF) Recruiter than you need to remain, Professional, Persistent, and Patient (3P's). Don't go into your Recruiter's office making all kinds of demands, but you need to be an advocate for yourself, and don't let them forget your name. In addition, stay in touch with the Recruiter and complete any entry requirement they may have ASAP. Remember, you are asking for the job and interviewing for a possible life long career. Your proactive approach will minimize the delays that we have seen in the past. Through this whole process, try to remember that your Recruiter is the Subject Matter Expert (SME) for AF entry requirements and we can answer questions about the SERE Specialist career field.

Second, keep in mind that your Recruiter will not always know how many contracts per job and availability until Headquarters Recruiting releases the contracts to the recruiting region. That is why it is so important to stay in touch with your Recruiter. However, getting a contract for SERE, or any job in the AF, is a timing issue. Recruiters are given contracts or seats at regular intervals throughout the year so let them know your plans. Furthermore, each Recruiting Region is only given a finite amount of contracts per job and they need to select the best candidates for a specific job. If there are only three SERE Specialist contracts available for your region and five potential candidates, your Recruiter will have to make some cuts. The easiest place to start making cuts is with ASVAB scores and PAST results. would be in your best interest to outperform the others and keep in mind that the screening process starts the day you show up at your AF Recruiter office.

Third, while waiting for the contract or waiting to enter BMT, you need to prepare yourself physically by meeting and exceeding the PAST standards. Show up in TOP SHAPE, because there is no time to play catch-up on your physical condition and you will not be cut any slack. Your physical condition is what you control prior to entering training and the PAST evaluation is an OPEN BOOK test. Functional Fitness or CrossFit type exercises are used at SERE to prepare candidates for the rigors of the career field. Besides Functional Fitness, you will need to include some additional running to your routines, by hitting the track and road for speed drills and long distance workouts. In addition, you will need to be able to carry a 65 lb. ruck/pack for 4 miles in less than 60 minutes. You will be tested on a somewhat flat surface at the initial course at Lackland AFB. Start off with a lower weight, such as 30-35 lbs. to let your body become accustomed to carrying the weight. Increase in increments to avoid injury. No running, but just a faster walk.

Lastly, there are no guarantees in life or SERE. However, the formula for success has always included a desire to succeed and never give up. That quitting is not an option. As repeated many times on this FB page, SERE is not for everyone, even when a candidate wants it bad. Sometimes unknown medical issues arise or you just do not have the aptitude or attitude to perform to the level needed to succeed. At least you tried!!! Beyond all that, we appreciate you looking at SERE as a future career field in the Air Force. We are always looking for first-rate individuals. We recommend reviewing the other Notes and comments on this FB page for great preparation tips, review the links below and email us at " " if you have further questions about the SERE Specialist career field.

Good Luck and hope to see you in the near future!


"It is hard to fail, but worse never to have tried to succeed" -Theodore Roosevelt-

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