Is it possible for a TSgt to crosstrain into SPECWAR??

Came in as a PJ trainee but quit towards the end of (at the time) dev course (2014). Going back has always been my intentions, but due to certain circumstances, I have not submitted a package. Fast forward 6 years (2020) I started training to try and submitt a package (still as a FTA SSgt) but made Tech. I was told that as a TSgt they would not consider me for crosstraining so I did not submit a package. Fast forward 2 years (currently), I am still wondering if they consider TSGTs.?.? I'm sitting at 8 years time in service (as of May), turning 33 in August and feel healthy. Does anyone know of any TSGT who was considered or able to crosstrain into Specwar?


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Cross training opportunities change constantly. If (and I don't know) a TSgt was allowed to cross train last month, such event has no bearing on current or future opportunities. Try or try not is the only reasonable course of action to advise.


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Generally, the answer is no. There may be exceptions, such as possibly some guard or reserve units.
Last time I looked at the AFECD, SR did not have a rank requirement, so that may still be an option. I recommend you look at the latest Apr AFECD to confirm (find it on MyPers).
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