Good morning all, thank you kindly for taking the time to offer guidance and information regarding this process.

LEO assigned to a full time SWAT team in South Florida, looking to make a transition. I have taken the PAST. Our recruiter is so swamped with individuals reaching out that response times lag quite a bit and wanted to get additional voices/thoughts on this.

1) Weekends at the TAC-P school house. Is it possible to get off of Lackland on occasion? I have family in San Antonio. Also as an older guy (33) it would be fantastic to be able get get dry needled/cupped/soft tissue manipulation on occasion to help prevent injuries.

2) Regarding injuries - Are you rolled into the next class or is it a reclassification to a different AFSC based off the needs of the airforce? I did an ultra last year and my hamstring has never been the same since the prep. This is my largest concern moving forwards.

3) Is there a weekend or week off in between SW prep, TacP prep, TacP apprentice course? Married with a daughter. Trying to see if it would be possible to see them intermittently in the pipeline.

4) My older brother is at the 82nd airborne (not sure which division, I'm a terrible brother). This has sparked his interest as well. How hard are the slots for prior service to obtain? He screened at the long walk and unfortunately was not selected and is unhappy with his current posting. He is an E5, Bachelors + 3 masters degrees. Has multiple schools under his belt. Former LEO as well, left two years ago when the political stuff started getting a bit crazy in his area.

Thank you kindly for your time, I sincerely appreciate it. Apologies if some of these have been asked before. I have been scouring online and have not found exact answers for these various curiosities.
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