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Came on here looking for the right path way and what way to go. I’m 17 years old thinking about enlisting into the AF and wanting to be a PJ. I’m expecting/wanting to be in for 6–7 years and come out and continue nursing while being a PA. Not sure weather to go to college and just get a 4 year degree, then PJ or wait and train, then go into PJs when I’m 20. Either way I’d be training from 18-20 or training while in college. I just thought the college aspect would give me more time. Let me know and thanks for the help.


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The new active duty enlistment process when determined qualified and eligible gives you the 9T500 reporting identifier enlistment contract rather and a specific occupation speciality (AFSC) GTEP contract. After BMT you go through SPECWAR A&S and if selected may be put into the PJ pipeline or vectored into one of the other SPECWAR AFSC pipelines.

9T500, Basic Special Warfare Enlisted Airman. (Established 30 Apr 20) Use this identifier to report the primary, control, and duty AFSCs of a special warfare enlisted airman who has not been awarded an AFS and to report the duty of an enlisted airman attending basic training, Special Warfare Preparatory course and Special Warfare Assessment and Selection course as applicable. Related DoD Occupational Subgroup: 195000
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Pararescue training results in obtaining a Paramedic certification and not a Nursing degree or a Nursing credential. Niether does pararescue training result in becoming a PA as it is also different medical utilization careeer path.

Food for thought and consideration in making your decision: Pararescue occupartion speciality exists to fulfil an operational capability mission need. So active duty (full-time) personnel and lesser to a certain degree for part-time reserve personnel are expected to obtain and sustain mission ready qualification which take priority over supporting full time pursuit of a degree during the first enlistment. OPS/PERS Tempo means somebody would have to pick up the slack of you not being available due to sitting in a classroom. Consequently the emphasis on finding team contribitors vs those who prioritize their interests to screw the team by not contributing by being available to perform the mission. Simply there is no right-wrong path or better-worse path as the path is what you believe is best for you. Each must choose their own path.
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