Mask Question

Quick detour: I had a funny experience at the pool today.

I turned into a bit of a fatass from Chinese New Year's and today was the first day back to training full time. I get to the pool and there is an oji-san sidestroking. I hop in to do my front crawl work and 200 meters in I notice the oji-san is considerably faster than I am. I'm talking 1.5-2x my speed.

So naturally in my fattied up, retarded state I think "wow I digressed a lot" and just pushed myself harder, trying to catch the oji-san. After about 500 meters I stopped to clear my mask, and only then did I notice he had fins on.

(But, in trying to catch the oji-san, I pushed myself faster, cut my stroke count by 1/3, and found that I could work at a level I thought I was a month away from.)

Which brings me to my question. I was gifted a Atlantis mask, and I've been playing around with it a bit, but I can NOT for the life of me get it to fit. I tried tightening it and taping it down, but it still leaks. If I let it out a bit, the mask is ripped off my face from the drag when I push off the wall.

How do I get it to not leak? Is it perhaps too big? Too small? Is it my face?
As far as I know, there is only one size for the Atlantis masks. Maybe check the seal around the lens to make sure it's good. If it isn't, you can use some caulk or RTV of some sort as a temporary fix. Ultimately though, if it's leaking you'll have to buy a new one or train with the leaky one to make it that much more difficult. I hope that helps man.
Yeah cheers mate!

I've been playing with it some more and some days it never leaks, some days it fills up quite fast. I think I am just fitting it wrong.

It's supposed to push up against your nose right? So you shouldn't be able to breathe through the nose? And tight enough so that your nose almost touches the glass?
Atlantis masks work just like other every other mask. Some faces are just not compatible with certain mask shapes. If you have the strap tension too tight, it'll bend the seal and leak. If your strap is too loose, it won't seal to your face and leak. If you have facial hair, it may also leak without chapstick/vaseline. Last, try to avoid facial expressions that contort your face when wearing a mask.

Now for atlantis mask specifics, the damn thing is a fridge mounted to your face. Only when you're pushing off the wall, do you have to look forward slightly to minimize parasitic drag in the water. I also find that squeezing my mask (instead of ears) with my biceps when streamlining that push off the wall keeps it on my face.
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