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Too keep it short swam competitively for the past ten years and played Water Polo. Ended up getting a pretty bad case of "Tenia Versicolor" (on chest, back and arms). Hasn't really bothered me other than the affected skin area would get really dry do to being in chlorinated water 4+hours a day. Seen a dermatologist a year back and got prescribed a shampoo that did not work and learned it is very common. I've spoke with a recruiter he really has no idea on what may happen at MEPS due to it being a "fungal infection". If all goes well at MEPS could this interfere at all in getting into Specwar? I aspire to go CCT.


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Here's your big resource page:

In the MSD (Section P), many of the skin fungus lines appear to come w/ the caveat "interferes with uniform wearing" or "interfere with duties" for them to be an issue. The Air Force waiver guide doesnt even mention the term Tenia Versicolor.

My advice: Scour through Section P of the MSD. Ensure none of the lines that have a Check mark in the SWA column apply to you, and you should be just fine. (Caveat: Ultimately, its up for the doc to decide. But the MSD is THE guidance they reference on whether you are good or not)

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