New Guy


I am pretty new to these forums, I have looked around and read a whole lot and it all the information posted from everyone is incredibly useful in determining what I want to do. I know for sure I want to be involved in AFSPECWAR. I initially wanted to go for pararescue, however, I don't think medicine is what I truly want for myself. I'm taking a few health science/EMT classes and it just isn't as appealing or intriguing as I thought it'd be.

I looked into TACP and I believe that career is the best option for me. I adore the idea of being the sole individual in control of air assets. Also being an Air Force guy on an Army base seems really interesting (for some reason). I don't have extensive knowledge with radios, communications, and land navigation, but I am definitely wanting to learn. I am currently prepping (taking about 12 months to prepare as I am on the thinner side) for SW and I feel confident that by point, I'd be ready.

I intend on pursing law enforcement afterwards and I believe having thorough land nav knowledge and advanced radio knowledge will be very useful in a career like this.

Just wanted to post here to introduce myself, my ambitions, and express my utmost appreciation to all the people here who help prepare people in every way.
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