No access to a pool

I'm currently striving for a career in TACP yet as the title says, I have no access to a pool currently. I am in a fairly isolated are in the mountains of NC. My local college has a pool but due to Covid restrictions they have opted to leave it closed for the time being. I am exceeding the requirements to pass the PAST as far as the run, pull ups, push ups and sit ups go, but I am worried about the lack of swimming.

Could any one help with either personal experience, alternate workouts, or any type of similar information regarding this lousy predicament i find myself in?

Any information and/or guidance is highly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
That's a hard one. I don't know if you have done your swim for time before to see where you are at but I'd certainly make it a point to drive wherever the closest one is at least to see where you are and if you need to work on it. Anyone can correct me on this but I am leaving soon for the TACP Pipeline but you will not need to swim a whole lot other than the 500m PAST swim and 2 underwaters. You will learn to get more proficient during SW Prep.

Good Luck, hope things open up soon!
Thank you for the insight! I have actually managed to find a pool and a swim coach that wont require hours of travel. I'll be starting with the coach within the week.

Good luck to you on your journey as well!


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For those still having trouble locating a pool, a couple recommendations...

1) Consider picking up a set of swim trainers. The same ones used by the US swim team to warm-up or train while out of the water. More info at the bottom of this page:

2) Lots of flutter kicks

3) For underwater work, do breath hold tables like Professional Freedivers do when in the off-season. A couple links:
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