Old dude EOD (reserves)?

I don’t know what I’m doing here, I am 55 years old -the age as most of your dads, but an opportunity arose and I’m trying to figure if there’s still a window of time.
History: 4 years AD, and 28 years AF reserves (aircraft electrician entire time). I also do same job as DoD civilian.

Nevertheless an EOD (traditional reservist) vacancy has posted locally and I’m trying to decide if I have time left to make it happen. First off, I do not see any 39 yr age limit for reserve EOD. As far as initial screening, asvab scores are a go, and the PAST requirements seem fairly easy for even an active geezer as myself (sub 11 1.5mi, 3 dead-hang pull-ups, etc). Even though swim isn’t req for EOD, my 500yd CSS is 8:21, and sub 7 if done freestyle, and I’m a level 1 certified freediver. So I am fairly conditioned even for someone 20 years younger. My only problem is it takes me twice as long to recover.

Am I wasting my time even just pondering this end -of-career cross train? It certainly sounds fun though.
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Actually there are retention age limits in the Air Force Reserves which I believe is age 60. While you mention 28 year Air Force Reserve service time, it unclear what your current reservist status is. If currently a reservist this status would constrain you to complying with the cross training policies, if not then you have the additional difficulty of needing to enlist in the Air Force Reserves, which at age 55 probably isn't doable.

The job qualification requirements provided in the job announcement should be clear on the skill level requirements. The higher that a 3-skill level would also squeeze you out in that five years until you reach age 60 years isn't sufficient training time in a traditional reservist position to get to that skill level qualification. Also needing determination is what is the OPSTEMPO of the unit to provide EOD personnel to meet worldwide AF deployment requirements which also throws into the mix of do you have any duty limiting medical conditions (allergies, prescribed medications to control medical concerns, etc) that prevents readiness to deploy worldwide?
Thanks for covering the aspects with available info.

I am currently a TR with 32 years combined service. I originally was under the impression that at 33 years combined I automatically would have to retire unless change to different status (i.e., ART). However my career advisor advised me that I good to reenlist until my high year tenure-2026. This would actually put me at 39 years.
Since retiring isn’t something I am ready to do, and if indeed the CA is correct, and I do have that time available, I sure as hell wouldn’t mind pursuing it

Medically I am good to go for deployment. domestically my kids are college grads and on their own, and the wife enjoys me gone for months anyhow. The main concern is the time frame and training logistics or if it is even possible



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You will need to scrutinize the job announcement for the skill level and experience requirements. See and in red below.

I would also ask the career advisor at what age is retention no longer possible as the HYT you provide coincidentally happens at the same time you become 60 years old. Either case the EOD folks will get less than 5 years of utilization out of the training investment as you haven't been accepted to fill the position and scheduled to get through the tech school needed to get the 3-skill level.

Also last I checked those making management level decisions are expected to make cost effective decisions to get the best results from a limited budget which bring the discussion back to what skill level and experience is the job announcement asking for. The three skill level requires completion of tech school which is seven months and 5 skill level requires qualification in and possession of AFSC 3E831. Also, experience operating EOD tools/equipment, executing aerospace system response, rendering safe munitions, removing and treating hazardous unexploded ordnance or decontaminating activities. This is at least another 6 to 12 months and probably longer depending on how many training man days are allocated for getting OJT and hands on being there experience.

3.3. Training. The following training is mandatory for award of the AFSC indicated:
3.3.1. 3E831. Completion of the Explosive Ordnance Disposal apprentice course.
3.3.2. 3E871. Completion of the Explosive Ordnance Disposal craftsman course.
3.4. Experience. The following experience is mandatory for award of the AFSC indicated:
3.4.1. 3E851. Qualification in and possession of AFSC 3E831. Also, experience operating EOD tools/equipment, executing aerospace system response, rendering safe munitions, removing and treating hazardous unexploded ordnance or decontaminating activities.
3.4.2. 3E871. Qualification in and possession of AFSC 3E851. Also, experience performing or supervising EOD functions and operations, such as, preparing operational orders/plans, training/organizing/equipping personnel, and conducting response activities.
3.4.3. 3E891. Qualification in and possession of AFSC 3E871. Also, experience managing EOD functions or operations, such as, evaluating, planning, organizing and leading EOD activities in the fulfillment of the broad scope of EOD duties and responsibilities.
3.5. Other. The following are mandatory as indicated:
3.5.1. For entry into this specialty: Minimum height of 5’2”. Maximum height 6’8”. No record of Claustrophobia (fear of confined spaces). Minimum score of 30 required on EOD selection model completed in Tailored Adaptive Personality Assessment System (TAPAS). Must meet eligibility requirements IAW AFI 32-3001, Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Program. Must pass two components of the EOD Physical Ability and Stamina Test (PAST); the run 1.5 miles in under 11 mins and pull-up (3 pull-ups in under 2 minutes). For retraining and prior service Regular Air Force candidates, recommendation for AFSC entrance by the nearest EOD Flight Commander, Flight Chief or ranking NCO IAW AFI 32-3001. EOD Air Force Career Field Manager approval is mandatory.

AF Reserve EOD Candidates Wanted
Thanks Yukon! I have some research to do. I attached the announcement below. I may also just walk over to their shop and talk with someone. We do collaborate at work on occasions. We remove explosive charges from C17 egress and take them to our EOD shop, but they are the AD guys. The reserves have a separate place



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Well the position is for a 7-skill level Master Sergeant (E-7). The announcement in disclosing interview isn't required indicates the filling the position is looking for somebody who is already EOD either active duty Air Force looking for an AF Reserve position or a 7-level E-6 paygrade EOD Air Force Reservist looking for a E-7 paygrade position.
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