PAST for CrossTrainee

Good morning, I'm currently a FTA Airman who is in the process of completing my retraining package to apply for the Combat Control Pipeline, and my final step is now to conduct a PAST. I keep getting different information from Mypers/CAA about how to conduct a PAST. Per MyPers PAST Criteria, it is stated that a PTL can conduct such a test however, upon looking at an earlier thread on this forum from May, I read from one of the mods that it is preferable to have a Special Warfare member conduct the PAST. I just would like to go about this the correct way without crossing any boundaries, as I'm currently stationed at JBSA Lackland, and know that the Special Warfare Training Center is located near by. What would be my best resource to reach out to in order to schedule a PAST. I was considering calling over to the SW Training Squadron or even reaching out to a Air Force Recruiter to try to get a SW Developers contact information if need be. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
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