PAST / IFT additional scoring

Curious if an individual would benefit from scoring higher than “passing” on the PAST/IFT or if it is strictly pass/fail? Will the actual number completed at the time of initial testing be recorded and that may later help/hinder one for being competitive in selections? I know that everyone should be able to exceed each test components at any give time to actually be able to make it through the pipeline, just wondering if that initial testing has much of, or any factoring point-wise.


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Not being involved in the screening process, technically it should be a pass/fail, or go/no go scoring. It's also the reasonable conclusion as the stated purpose of the AF special warfare screening and selection was to get back to the whole person assessment which was slipped further and further away from since the late 1980s as more and more emphasis was put on exceeding minimum fitness standards.

I also have a bit disappointment on exceeding standards as it's not too difficult pass a test that doesn't actually measure individual's ability to sustain fitness at the level it needs to be to do activities day-after-day that put much physical demands on the body a few sampling of calisthenics, running on a track, or swimming laps can accurately measure.

The SWOE (enlistment) and the specific AFSC (retraining) and the officer performance standards have slight differences so make sure you are looking at the correct column.


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There is not a benefit from scoring high on the IFT as its likely not a part of the selection process at this time, but A&S could easily start implementing IFT scores into their selection criteria at any time. Additionally, all applicants must pass the IFT prior to starting SWCC (formerly called Prep). If you don't pass the IFT, you are set back and must conduct more training (and are under add'l scrutiny to be booted).
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