PJ Questions

I’m a 21 year old male, looking to join the AF. I’m mostly interested in joining PJ, but I’m open to other non SW jobs. I just have a couple questions about the whole process and how it works.

Is it possible to enlist and then switch once I feel I’m ready go into the SW pipeline, and if so, how hard is that to do compared to just going to a recruiter straight off the bat.

Do I need to go to a specific SW Recruiter to join SW or is it possible to do so from any AF recruiter.

I was also wondering if there’s any ASVAB requirements for SW, specifically PJ.

Any advice is appreciated,
Thank you.


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All enlisted have an ASVAB requirement, as far as the rest of your questions your best answer source is seeking out a SW recruiter as the switching after enlisting has additional uncertainties than enlisting off the bat with a SW contract.


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To piggy back on Yukon, there have been individuals that have changed jobs (PJ-CCT, or vice versa), although it is quite rare. Likely the only new requirements would be to attend the AFSC-specific training courses in the pipeline (such as Paramedic, PJ Apprentice to become a PJ).
All AFSW jobs have the same ASVAB requirement.
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