Prior Service Army Scout, current dad, looking to live the dream....

Hello Folks,

I'm Daniel and at 35 I am chasing the ultimate dream of becoming a PJ. I was an Army Scout (heavy & light) from 2005-2012. Served in OIF twice (06-07 Mosul/Talafar & 08-09 Balad/Jabouri) and Afghan once (2011 Nangarhar & Kunar).

I'm in the best shape of my life, sick of the corporate buffoonery, which I gave an honest 6+ years of my life with great success. What I never succeeded in was finding a passion outside of the military. So here I am, chasing a dream with the ONE life I have to live.

I'll be scouring these forums and training hard to put myself in the best position to be accepted into this amazing & historic community. Currently, I reside in Honolulu, Hawaii but this June I plan on moving to Spokane, WA until I get accepted into the pipeline or they tell me to take a permanent hike, at least twice.

Any guidance, help, questions, or otherwise are very much welcomed. Find me on the 'gram @danohhh86. Thanks for your time!

- Daniel


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Welcome. If you have base access, there's a couple CROs and lots of SERE hanging out at Fairchild AFB once you get to Spokane. They may be able to provide advice and/or training help while you're there.
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