Prior Service Transfer

Hello, I am currently an infantryman in the Army and had an interest in TACP prior to enlisting in the Army. Long story short, I ended up in 1st Cav and am thoroughly displeased with it. The JTAC itch is still real. I was wondering if anyone had any information on how hard it would be for a prior service guy to land a TACP contract.
I've been out of the Army 4 years and just got a contract for TACP. The recruiter wouldn't even bother with me until I passed the PT test(PAST). It's hard AF to get into USAF let alone as a TACP. They only have x amount of slots for the year and they fill up fast. The only thing USAF has open year round of PJ and sometimes CCT. Hope this helps...


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A service transfer is a personnel action of switching current branch (Army, Air Force, Navy, USMC, Coast Guard) to a different branch of service with no break in current enlistment. This differs considerably from attempting to obtain a prior service enlistment after current enlistment ends with a discharge/separation from military service. A prior service enlistment is not a transfer.
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