Retraining being delayed


Staff member
3 points on this issue:

1) There was a massive backlog of retrainee candidates in 2020 due to COVID. This is not cleared out yet and will take some time to do so.

2)With the elimination of retrainee Phase II, there are now A LOT more retrainee candidates to push through, which is likely creating a backlog in and of itself. I wouldn't be surprised if the SWTG has to re-evaluate bringing back Phase II at some point due to this.

3) Retrainees candidates aren't the priority; non-prior service are. The AFSW career fields expect to get 'more bang for their buck' from a non-prior service candidate than retrainees/prior service.

My advice? Continue to be patient, as frustrating as it is. At this point, there's nothing more that can be done.
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