Retraining dates

Hey everyone. Soon I’ll be starting my retraining application and I was just curious on how far out people are getting dates to go to prep. What’s the wait time looking like for you guys? I’ve heard some people can leave in a couple months all the way to 6-8 months after they apply. Any help is appreciated guys.


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Difficult to advise as although retraining is an entry classification out of one AFSC into a new AFSC the process and policies to the best of my awareness hasn't caught up to being a vectoring process into the 1Z career field as the specific AFSC dictates the need for inputting retrainees. Accordingly, it still important to know the requirements each 1Z AFSC has need to acquire new personnel through the retraining program and which 1Z AFSC you desire to retrain into.


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The Apr '22 A&S class is cancelled, so there is likely a slight backlog forming. Expect at least a few month wait from final submission to shipping in the near future. Also, keep in mind that the retrain process takes a few months to complete in and of itself due to the length it takes to complete the SWA med physical.
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