ROTC cadet to become a STO

Hello all,

First year cadet in AFROTC Detachment 665 at the University of Cincinnati here, and I have recently discovered a burning passion I have to be a STO.

I have pretty strong leadership skills as well as a general likable personality. I feel like I will crush the mental and leadership part of the process (obviously not right now, but when the time comes I will have developed even more). I won the Air Force Achievement Award my first semester in ROTC, and I am in the High School Scholarship program with a Type 7 scholarship.

As of now, I need to start hitting physical fitness hard. I have received a 15 week training program from a current STO that I will being working on. I am a relatively skinny guy, weighing 151 at 6' 1", but I have been lifting for several months and have been gaining weight since. My plan right now is to continue going to the gym, but make the 15 week fitness plan I received the staple of my workout.

Current daily plan: Hit calisthenic/crossfit fitness plan, then lift heavy to bulk up, and then fit in running, rucking, and swimming somewhere. 20 miles running, 20 miles rucking, and 5 miles swimming WEEKLY is my goal. I also need to work on the PAST test numbers, I have yet to figure out where to fit that in.

Any tips and advice would be great! Feel free to email me at (preferably) or private message on here.

Thanks for reading
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