Seeking STO Mentor

Thank you in advance for your support and feedback

Planning applying for STO through BASP as I am a civilian and recently graduated from college. On the STO application for 2019 it claims this is a possibility, and I am willing to fully commit. Open to suggestions on routes, training, literally anything. Completely open to learning.

Athletic background in Rugby, marathon running, Judo. Graduated 3.06GPA, NO criminal or negative personal history/background. Speak conversational Russian.

If no STO's are present on this forum, any guidance on where to look is much appreciated.

Thank you
Also seeking a STO mentor.

Current active duty officer. Completed Phase II previously severely unprepared/uneducated, and did not recieve an invite back. Looking to try to see if I cannot get a way back to Phase II for another look. Any guidance/assistance would be greatly appreciated.
How does one go about finding a STO mentor?

I am an ROTC cadet who just finished Field Training and is very interested in applying to be a STO but I have very little information on not only the process of applying but also the career field in general. My detachment cadre also have very little information on the process as well as the career field itself.

Any information on finding a STO mentor to ask questions and get general guidance would be greatly appreciated.


If you can not find what you are looking for on this forum, I would recommend checking out the 24 SOW home page, as well as contacting a Special Tactics Recruitment Liaison at You will get all the info on the application process. Feel free to contact me with any specific questions you have as well.


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